Refill 1000ml Ink for HP 950 Black Cartridge and CISS - Premium Pigment ink

Refill 1000ml Ink for HP 950 Black Cartridge and CISS - Premium Pigment ink
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Refill 1000ml Ink for HP 950 Black Cartridge and CISS - Premium Pigment ink


Compatible model : HP Officejet Pro 8100, 8600, 8610, 8620, 8625, 8630

    All inks from InkTec are microfiltered to remove 99.9% of insoluble materials so that they will be suitable for the micro nozzle. This microfiltration system is one of the ways we ensure the clear colors and outstanding print quality of InkTec inks.

   The thermal type of printer head, used by HP and other companies, disperses ink drops through vapor bubbles, which are created when high heat is applied to the ink in the head. When using improper ink in a thermal printer head, the properties of the ink can be changed due to the high temperature of the head, or the residue of the ink pigments can stick to the heat plate, degrading the head durability and easily causing malfunction. In order to address this issue of printer head durability in thermal printers, InkTec uses very high quality material in our ink manufacturing to improve print quality.

    InkTec pigment ink protects printers from the risk of pigment precipitation due to high temperatures and from pigment residue sticking to the heat plate. The key to InkTec’s innovative pigment ink is the fact that the ink maintains stability due to resin coating and improved dispersion of the pigment particles. It is this imperfect dispersion or unstable pigment particles that can cause bending or head clogging during printing.

    After years of researching and developing dispersing technology, InkTec was able to shrink the pigment particles down to 80nm (0.08um) for both black and color inks. This miniaturization results in consistent printing with no damage to the head and uniform absorption of the pigment molecules on the paper to present clear images in high resolution. Using the same pigment as the OEM product, InkTec pigment-based ink increases durability and lightfastness. This ink is optimized for the HP thermal head structure and also improves the cartridge and head durability.

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