Recommend to professional user.

System needs used genuine ink cartridge before ' ink depleted ' sign appears on the printer.
Make sure to use proper pigment ink which is formulated for 970/971 CISS.

***** we do not take return, if any ink filled previously *****

Cartridge Hole Placement (Setup cartridges recommended):

- XL and Setup Cartridges - Right

- Regular Cartridges - Left

Compatible model
OfficeJet Pro X451 dn, OfficeJet Pro X451 dw, OfficeJet Pro X476 dn, OfficeJet Pro X476 dw, OfficeJet Pro X551 dw, OfficeJet Pro X576 dn,
  OfficeJet Pro X576 dw

Product description
 - 4 liter empty CISS with acrylic case
 - Assembly instruction 
 - easy refill 
 - system tested more then 200,000 pages and found no system fail
 - pre-adjusted hand drill

package included 
- 4 liter ink CISS system 
- 1 syringes with suction tips 
- hand drill for hole
- 4 Hard Acrylic Case
- 4 rubber plug for hole
- instruction